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EGC Construction


EGC Construction is a local construction company that works in the residential, industrial and commercial sectors. EGC approached O’Keeffe for direction on how to effectively position them as a thought leader in the industry and  get the word out about their growing and diverse capabilities.

Client Objectives

  • Inform their current customer base and potential prospects of EGC’s growing and diverse capabilities
  • Position EGC as experts in local and regional construction trends

Our Approach

  • Developed and pitched story ideas around EGC’s  local work and completed projects  to a targeted local media list
  • Researched appropriate  trade publications and pitched stories that focused on industry trends and EGC’s expertise in construction.
  • Created a content plan for their owned channels such as the EGC website, newsletter and social media.

As a Result…

EGC received great exposure from local online and print publications regarding the following projects:

  • The transformation of an old garage/gas station in Ft. Mitchell into a new pizzeria
  • The  first pet-dedicated MRI facility in Cincinnati
  • Residential home projects
  • Coverage in  trade publications, based on their expertise in MRI facilities and virtual reality

The new EGC newsletter designed to keep current and prospective clients informed on EGC projects and media coverage, received great feedback and a six percent click-through rate (five times the  construction industry average).


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