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Dear clients and friends of O’Keeffe PR,

We are aware of the concerns surrounding the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 worldwide. At O’Keeffe PR, our first and foremost priority is the wellbeing and safety of our team and clients. With that in mind, it is important to update you on how we intend to do this successfully.

While COVID-19 has not interrupted our business operations to date, O’Keeffe PR is actively monitoring and following the latest updates and recommendations from public health departments.

Currently, we are working remotely to ensure our safety and the safety of our clients and partners, and will continue to monitor the situation to determine if and when it makes sense to return to our office on a regular basis. Regardless, we want to ensure our clients that our business operations remain uninterrupted. We are dedicated to providing you with the same level of service, expertise and responsiveness you have come to expect from O’Keeffe PR.

Brand Steward Services

O’Keeffe can guide your organization by conducting careful analysis of potential risks, developing risk reduction plans to address top threats to your brand, training of key personnel, scenario planning, and the development of respected external stakeholders who will stand by your organization in times of need.

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We live in a digital world. Communications technology continues to change the way we share and consume information. This requires a more cohesive approach to public relations and digital marketing. Today, you can tell a compelling story that gets shared by the media and creates engaging content that gets shared by your customers.

We develop integrated content strategies to help our clients produce and share the right content, for the right audience, on the right channels. This creates a seamless experience for people to interact and connect with your brand.


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