How We Work

It’s a process.


We get it, you’re excited and ready to get going! But before we set the wheels in motion, we need to take the time to connect with your team. This is not just a step; it’s the secret to your success. This phase sets the tone for our goals, strategies, and more.  Here’s what you can expect:

  • Perform a brand audit – identify your diamonds in the rough
  • Interview your key players – because your voices matter
  • Check out the competition – understanding your landscape
  • Pinpoint what makes you stand out – your secret sauce
  • Clarify your goals and objectives – a roadmap for success
  • Understand your target audience – connection is everything
  • Set the stage with success metrics – measuring your accomplishments at every turn

Now for the fun part!



In the ideation phase, we infuse the perfect blend of creativity and strategic genius to craft a plan that not only captivates your audience but propels your business towards growth. As digital PR professional, we fuse elements of public relations, communications, and digital marketing into a unified strategy tailored specifically to you and your aspirations. This may involve:

  • Embarking on a content marketing workshop – Brainstorm ideas and let the creativity flow
  • Hosting an internal ideation workshop – Because the best solutions often come from within
  • Delving into competitive research – Uncovering insights that set you apart

It’s time to make the magic happen!



This is when we roll up our sleeves and turn those strategic dreams into reality. The execution phase is where the magic happens, and it might involve:

  • Crafting a stellar website – more than pixels on a screen, it’s an experience
  • PR campaigns for print, TV, and bloggers – grabbing attention
  • Impactful emails and newsletters – because nurturing connections matters
  • Dynamic digital marketing strategies – leave a lasting impression
  • Influencer events – spark a buzz
  • Scroll-stopping social media posts – demand attention!
  • Blog posts – tell your unique story

But wait! We aren’t done yet…



Are you ready for the nitty-gritty of your content’s performance? We’ve got an arsenal of tools at our disposal to dissect the data and unravel the story behind the numbers. Depending on our partnership, we’ll either guide you through the details or assist you in extracting those insights on your own.

As we dive into the metrics, we’re not just playing the numbers game – we’re constantly crafting and perfecting a strategy for success. Need a quick pivot for optimal results? We’ve got it covered. Surpassing expectations? Cue the high-fives!

Here are metrics we use to determine your ROI:

  • Reach – how many people were served your content?
  • Engagement rate – are we reaching an interested audience?
  • Conversion rate – turning interest into action
  • Media hits – making waves in the press
  • Website traffic – build it and they will come!
  • Page ranking – the top is where you belong

Are you ready to share your story? Let’s make it happen!

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