content marketing workshop

Content Marketing Workshop

Let’s Tell Your Story

Originally presented as part of a Courier Classroom workshop, this content marketing workshop downloadable is designed to help you identify key elements of your content marketing strategy. By connecting your internal and external messaging with your brand story, you can drive sales, connect with your target audience, and create a strong company culture.

If you’re not telling your story, who is? We live in a digital, connected world where social recommendations can outpace your sales team. This means that your audience experiences your brand messaging far sooner than any formal outreach. If you’re not controlling your message, the media, your competitors, or unhappy customers may be telling your story for you.

Whether you’re sales, marketing, communications, or operations, you have a role to play in telling that story. Each role owns a difference piece of the customer journey and a difference aspect of your audience’s experience. By taking ownership of that story, you can create new opportunities that align with the future of sales and marketing.

The workshop includes everything you need to create a content marketing strategy including a content analysis structure, funnel analysis, and an optimization checklist. It presents a solid foundation for both advanced communications experts and those just starting to craft a cohesive messaging strategy.

You’ll learn:

– How to identify your internal and external audiences.
– How to determine the best channel for your content, including owned and earned channels.
– How to align content with your sales funnel.


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