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Claire Chick,
March 16 2022

4 Tips for Better PR Writing

Every business has a story to tell, and learning how to write that story to share that message is a critical PR skill. From writing press releases to crafting a compelling pitch, here are a few tips to improve your writing and get your business noticed.

Be clear and concise

A common mistake many writers make is verbosity; often equating more words with better writing. More often, the opposite is true. A more concise sentence holds the reader’s attention because there are fewer things to distract from the main idea.

Use specific details

Clear writing is also concrete and specific, rather than vague. Was the audience large or was it a sellout in a 100-seat theater? Did you secure a large donation for your organization or did you get a $75,000 donation which was 50% larger than last year’s? Concrete details are more likely to attract media attention.

Give journalists a “reason to believe”

Don’t just tell media that your product is groundbreaking. Provide concrete reasons why it is so different from the competition. Be sure that you can back up any superlatives you are using with facts.

Proof, and then proof again

Your content won’t be taken seriously if there are mistakes. Write your copy, let it sit for a while and come back with fresh eyes to proof it. For good measure, ask a colleague to review it as well.

Anyone can learn to write compelling copy. It just takes practice and hopefully these tips will help improve your skills.

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