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digital marketing
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Jocelyn Summers, Strategic Account Executive
August 15 2019

Digital Marketing Taboos You Should Break

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving and essential component of a businesses’ overall marketing and PR plan. Internet culture, search and social media algorithms, and what is considered a social custom are continuously changing, and because of this, your digital marketing approach should, too. What used to be regarded as an acceptable digital marketing approach even a few years ago may not translate in the current digital environment.

Not outlining a digital marketing ad budget

The year is 2007. The vampire fanatics are rampant, and you are super excited to post a sick new Mac Photo Booth photo as your Facebook profile pic. And speaking of Facebook, they had just launched Facebook Ads, giving your business the ability to connect to your target audience. Other social media platforms followed, MySpace offered ads around the same time and Twitter launched its Ads platform in 2010. From then on, marketers have encouraged clients and colleagues to invest money in social media.

However, some may still have a hard time understanding the value of social media ads and not setting aside a budget. Today, social media algorithms are, for the most part, a mystery and social platforms are drifting away from a chronological feed. Boosting social media posts or launching a social media ad campaign is a helpful way to break through the clutter on social media.

Forcing an inauthentic persona

Within the past three years or so, businesses have gotten attention for “roasting” users online, also known as “clapping-back” for the folks out there who need a little vocab help. And this has worked for some businesses, notably Wendy’s. Other food and beverage businesses and restaurants – who shall not be named – tried and failed to emulate this snarky attitude. But why was this approach successful for Wendy’s and not for others? One word: Authenticity.

Not everyone can be or should be Wendy’s. That seems to work for them, but it probably doesn’t work for you – and that’s okay. To build long-term success on social media, focus on the values of your business, and make sure what you post is true to those values. In other words, be authentic.

Stressing out about having new content

I’m not 100% certain how the expectation of only sharing new content came about, but I’d guess that marketers’ personal use of social media had an influence. Social media users used to share details about their lives through the day, valuing what’s happening right now over anything else. But, within the past couple of years, it is rare to see someone post everything they are doing at all times on social media. The constant flow of posts from who you follow has become unbelievably annoying to users – and will cause me to unfollow someone.

While it is important to keep your business’ social media feed updated with timely information, don’t be afraid to recycle content. Thankfully, the popularity of #ThrowBackThursday, and my personal favorite ICYMI (in case you missed it) became more popular, allowing your business to share “old” social posts and remind your audience of something cool you did.

Ready to break some digital marketing taboos with us? Let’s work together!

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