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Michael Loch, PR & Content Manager
February 14 2018

Meet Michael Loch

Happy first week on the job! Now let’s envision a thunderous drum roll as I take this time to introduce myself.

I’m a marketing and communications enthusiast who nerds out over the latest technology trends. I like to think that my left and right sides of the brain are in harmony with each other. I discovered O’Keeffe PR through mutual connections (hurray for networking!), and was immediately impressed by the culture that values collaborative creativity, openness, and delivering awesome value to our clients.

What did you do in your previous life? 
I worked in the higher education and nonprofit fields before venturing to O’Keeffe PR. I wore many hats including PR, media relations, marketing, special event planning, fundraising, sales, and volunteer management… phew!

If you could tell our clients one thing, what would it be? 
We are your partner, and we obsess over your success. To help us achieve your goals, the more information the better. Knowledge and communication are key elements to success. We’re here for you, so we’re just a phone call or email away!

What’s your best piece of advice for a marketer? 
Be a go-getter and say yes. Say yes to that networking opportunity, workshop, and project or job opportunity that you may think is over your head. As marketers, we need to stay on top of the latest trends in this rapidly evolving field. It’s not enough to just read about what’s going on in the marketing world, you must practice it. With data and technology becoming increasingly crucial factors in marketing strategy, it’s important to not lose the human side of the story. You still need to create content that connects.

What’s the last book you read? 
I’m currently in my last semester in the Master of Business Informatics program at Northern Kentucky University. I’m reading two textbooks for my classes – E-Commerce and IT Strategy. I have a long list of leisure reading I need to catch up on after I graduate this May!

What’s your secret marketing weapon? 
My curiosity and willingness to get experience in trying new things. I fully believe that marketers need to be curious, look outside of the box, be open minded, and have the drive to learn new skills. I’ve been fortunate enough to explore all the different facets of marketing throughout my career, by volunteering, and with the American Marketing Association.

Tell me your favorite metric to track. 
I’m a ROI type of guy. I like to see what the cost per conversion is. Knowing how much we’re spending for conversions is a key indicator in figuring out whether the campaign is working in our favor or if some tweaking needs to be done. On a separate note, since I like attention, I satisfy that craving with engagement metrics.

Favorite word? 
Rad. Can you tell where I’m from?

Least favorite word? 
Deserve. We don’t deserve clients, customers, sales, press attention, and reputation. We earn them. We must keep earning that trust by being great partners with our clients and diligently working to help them succeed.

What profession other than marketing would you like to attempt? 
It’s going to seem like I’m cheating off Megan’s blog post, but being an astrophysicist or astronaut would be my career choice in another life. I’m a huge space nerd and have always found physics to be extremely interesting. Astronomy and physics are my favorite branches of science. Not going to lie, I’m kind of jealous of SpaceX’s “Starman” who is cruising around the cosmos in a Tesla Roadster.

What’s the best thing about our line of work? 
No day is dull or the same. I’m stoked to be working alongside an awesome team of dedicated, creative, smart, and hilarious people. I love working with a diverse array of clients and helping them achieve their marketing and PR goals.

Tell me two truths and a lie. 
I’m ambidextrous. I only need to travel to Africa and Antarctica to visit all continents by age 30. I’m from California.

Learn more about me! Check out my full bio here or take a look at my LinkedIn profile here. And if you have any guesses about which statement is my lie, send us a tweet.

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