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Lisa Dyson, Vice President and Senior Strategist
February 15 2022

What is a press kit anyway?

Why a press kit?

So you’ve worked with a fantastic web developer, and you’ve left no stone unturned on your website. Every question anyone could ever ask, and every need they could ever have, you have anticipated and relegated to the appropriate tab. After all, you know your website is your hardest working sales associate. But what if it’s not an existing or potential client perusing your website? What if the person behind the glowing screen is a journalist looking for company details so they can write a bang-up article about your market influence? Will they easily find the info they need to meet their deadline? Maybe not.

What exactly is a press kit?

While the elements that make up the kit can vary, the gist remains the same. The press kit (also referred to as a “media kit”) is a compilation of documents and assets journalists can easily find and navigate to give them the essentials about your organization. Journalists are BUSY; they do not have the time to click around your beautiful website like your prospects might. In fact, according to Forbes, “During any given day, a journalist will sort through over 200 emailed pitches while working on multiple deadlines and simultaneous stories.” They’ll need the facts (and photos) in one place to help them tell your story.

A press kit can be a physical kit that you might decide to take to trade shows or even mail to key journalists and influencers, or it can simply live on your website. Conversely, you could also upload all the docs onto a thumb drive and distribute them that way. Whatever you decide, make sure all elements are accurate, informative, and public-facing. Whatever you include is fair game to the media covering your brand.

What should I include in my press kit?

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What you decide to include in your press kit can vary depending on your industry, brand image, and key messaging. Below is a list of possible items.

Leadership team’s bios and headshots

Variety of your logos in different formats and file types

Fact sheet/brand background


Recent awards and accolades


Mission and core values

Notable recent press releases


Case studies

Social media handles

Media contact information

Anything else that is pertinent to your brand or business

I don’t have time for this press kit!

We get it. The thought of tracking all this information down, not to mention pulling it together in a cohesive and on-brand fashion, is not likely something you have time for. As you now realize, this is an essential piece of your communications puzzle, and you want to get it right. If you’re feeling overwhelmed (or irritated) right now, give us a call. We have created many, MANY kits through the years and would love to help you develop an impactful collection of stats and assets that best communicate who you are and why your business matters.

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