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Rob Dietrich, Senior Content Manager
April 01 2019

Three Parallels Between Parenting and Public Relations

Easily the single most momentous event that changed my life was becoming a parent. The whole focal point of my existence suddenly changed from looking out for numero uno to being a full-time caretaker for a tiny, loud and messy little stranger.

dale justice content strategy
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Dale Justice, Executive Vice President
February 07 2019

Four Commitments to Create a Great Content Loyalty Strategy

A great Content Strategy is not a sprint to the finish line; it's a marathon. You cannot turn it on and off as you redirect resources to other company initiatives.

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Dan O’Keeffe, Founder & CEO
January 30 2019

Today’s Snowstorms Could Launch Tomorrow’s Best Marketers

My little part of the country recently received our second major snowfall of the winter season. Not so little, actually. Millions of people were impacted by the storm that raced across the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and New England portions of the United States in mid- and late January. Thousands were.

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Jocelyn Summers, Strategic Account Executive
January 03 2019

Online Influencer or Joe Camel?

The parallels of cringe advertising and bad influencer marketing. One of the best ways to promote a product or service is through emotional appeal. Emotional appeal can come from a personality or advocate of a brand in the form of a mascot, an influencer or customer review. We, as.

Holiday Card O'keeffe Smiling
Sarah Wagner, Intern
December 28 2018

Happy Holidays 2018

Wishing you warm holiday wishes from the O’Keeffe team! We hope you enjoy these outtakes from our holiday card.

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Sarah Wagner, Intern
December 19 2018

Meet Sarah M. Wagner

Hello! I am O’Keeffe’s new PR and Digital Marketing Intern. I am a 2018 graduate of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, and excited to pursue a career in communications. Although a journalism major on paper, I was lured by the grandiose idea of writing with.

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Megan Bedinghaus, VP Operations & Senior Strategist
December 06 2018

Why Owned Media Matters

In our business, we talk a lot about the intersection between owned, earned, and paid media. I would argue that it’s part of our fundamental perspective and drives most of our work. O’Keeffe was founded on earned media – PR, media relations, and AP style. We added owned (and.

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Rob Dietrich, Senior Content Manager
October 22 2018

A History of Storytelling

Storytelling is an essential component of the human experience. Rob Dietrich shares a history of storytelling from caves to epic poems to modern technology.

Imposter Syndrome
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Lisa Dyson, Vice President and Senior Strategist
October 09 2018

Chasing Confidence and 4 Tips to Catch It

Breaking Through Imposter Syndrome I remember my first agency job and the butterflies that never really seemed to go away. I remember thinking, “I’m too inexperienced for this” and “don’t they know I have no clue what I am talking about?” I marveled at the fact that super-sharp professionals.

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Rob Dietrich, Senior Content Manager
August 14 2018

Meet Rob Dietrich

Greetings! I’m the newest addition to the O’Keeffe tribe. My 14-year PR career has been primarily focused on B2B clients- from massive industrial processes to minute imaging devices. I’ve spent time in a mix of corporate and agency positions, gaining experience in a wide range of industries and applications..

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