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Megan Bedinghaus, VP Operations & Senior Strategist
April 25 2019

Improv With the Tribe

The O'Keeffe tribe attended an improv workshop. Here's what we learned.

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Dan O’Keeffe, Founder & CEO
April 16 2019

More Than a Brand

Have you ever thought of a brand as not just representing a product, but an entire industry? I grew up in the Midwest, where asking for a “coke” meant more than just a Coca-Cola. In Dayton, Ohio, a coke, at least in the 70s and 80s before the onslaught.

Sarah Wagner, Intern
April 08 2019

Feminism & Advertising

We’ve all seen “femvertising” first-hand. It’s when marketers sprinkle a feminist narrative into their client’s advertising to flavor what they’re hoping you’ll consume. It’s selling #empowerment to women and minorities as individuals when they long for systemic, political change. A great example is the Dove “Real Beauty” campaign. Starting.

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Rob Dietrich, PR & Content Manager
April 01 2019

Three Parallels Between Parenting and Public Relations

Easily the single most momentous event that changed my life was becoming a parent. The whole focal point of my existence suddenly changed from looking out for numero uno to being a full-time caretaker for a tiny, loud and messy little stranger.

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