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Tiffany Ridenour
Tiffany Ridenour, Intern
May 22 2018

Meet Tiffany Ridenour

Hello! My name is Tiffany Ridenour, and I’m one of the bright, new faces here at O’Keeffe. I just graduated from Miami University with a dual bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing and Strategic Communication. During my time there, I was an active member of PRSSA, where I learned a.

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Lisa Dyson, Director of Client Services
May 15 2018

How Being a Step-Mother Has Made Me a Better Public Relations Professional (and Vice-Versa)

Looking back, I stumbled into the world of public relations much like I did the world of step-motherhood. If I’m honest, neither were my first choice and had I known ahead of time the hours, frustration and exhaustion each would bring, I’m not sure I would have dove into.

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Dale Justice, Executive Vice President
May 08 2018

The Fifth Marketing Wave

Will the Art of Creative Marketing Become a Science? Robert Keith wrote an article “The Marketing Revolution” first published in the Journal of Marketing in 1960. Keith examined the marketing practices of the Pillsbury Corporation between 1869 and 1960, almost a century of evolution. From his research, he identified.

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Megan Bedinghaus, VP Operations & Senior Strategist
May 01 2018

When You’re a Marketing Team of One

When you’re a marketing team of one, things get more complicated. Things like schedules and strategies and goals can quickly get usurped for the latest marketing fire unless you’re able to get ahead of the rest of the organization. I should know –  I was a marketing team of.

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Lisa Dyson, Director of Client Services
April 12 2018

Meet Lisa Dyson

Hi, I’m Lisa Dyson. I’m new to O’Keeffe PR but not new to the business, not by a long shot. I began my career in marketing by helping a then emerging brand gain local awareness.

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Dale Justice, Executive Vice President
March 05 2018

The Communications Olympics

The Problem of Distracted Audiences It all started in 2010, a new competition in the Winter Olympics. That was the year Google, Microsoft and Yahoo each unveiled separate renditions on search, blogs and mobile for fans to follow the 2010 games in Vancouver.  Flash forward to the 2018 Winter.

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Michael Loch, PR & Content Manager
February 14 2018

Meet Michael Loch

Happy first week on the job! Now let’s envision a thunderous drum roll as I take this time to introduce myself. I’m a marketing and communications enthusiast who nerds out over the latest technology trends. I like to think that my left and right sides of the brain are.

Semhar Tsegay, Digital Marketing Intern
February 14 2018

Meet Semhar Tsegay

Beginning something new is one of my favorite things to do. Especially, right after I ring in the new year. Everyone is energized, enthusiastic, and ready to start something, anything. That exactly how I felt when I commenced my final semester at the University of Cincinnati and my new.

o'keeffe clients
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Dale Justice, Executive Vice President
January 22 2018

Time to Plan The Perfect Plan

I love year-end holidays. It starts around Thanksgiving when everyone tries to squeeze in their remaining vacation days, and continues through New Year’s Day. Offices are virtually deserted. Yesterday morning, while manning my post in the office like a good soldier, I received two emails, both from co-workers informing.

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Dale Justice, Executive Vice President
December 19 2017

Leadership Skills for a Millennial Team

There is much discussion about how Millennials challenge many of today's traditional business practices, so it's not surprising that they are also challenging traditional, autocratic leadership. Challenging autocratic leadership is not new, and is not the private reserve of the Millennial generation. Read any ancient Roman manuscript, and you.

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